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Pet Portraits


24x24" Acrylic on Canvas


"The pet portraits of Lily Gavalas remind us of the portrait of "The Hare" painted in 1502 by the German Rennaisance artist, Albrecht Durer.  Each brushstroke is precise and masterful.  Gavalas's realism goes one better, imparting an energy and expression that makes each portrait unique.  She captures immediately that specific expression of personality of a particular animal with brush strokes that are strongly realistic and energetic. The viewer is immediately engaged on an immediate and present emotional level.  Looking at these pet portraits again and again one finds more and more depth into the specific personality or soul of the animal.  This artist is masterful in capturing for eternity that moment in time the reality of the animal with its vigor of life and animus (soul) that I have not observed in other contemporary works."

Gail R Guidry, formerly photographic Curator of the Missouri Historical Society, St. Louis, Missouri and Former Document Curator of the Torch Collection, Houston, Texas.

Sizes Available and Prices (50% down payment is required):
36" X 36": $550.00  
24" X 24": $430.00  
12" X 12": $390 
12" Round: $390
For more information on how you can  immortalize your pet on canvas, contact me via phone or email. 
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